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ZOHO CRM Application developed by JF Noel, Hypercube Inc.

ZOHO CRM Application developed by Jean-François Noel

Programmer Hypercube Inc. and Bishop’s University Graduate

The project I received, dealt with three separate applications, with the objective of creating an effective and simple approach of adding the data into Zoho CRM.

The applications were:

1. Creating accounts, that had a primary key being 3 characters long, not auto-indexed, so when creating a new account the user can choose the three character long key and make sure there are no duplicates.

Creating contacts, that their primary key would contain 6 characters (the first would be actual character and the last three would be numbers). The first three would correspond to the primary key of its parent account. The last three would be numbers that would be unique to the contact and could not have a duplicate.

2. Creating a potential that would have the contact and account connected to it, the user will also add important information including the address of the client, how much it cost, etc. There is also going to be a button that will generate an activation key that takes into account certain fields within multiple tables.

3. A way to import excel files that will take serial numbers of products and add it into a database, it will also ensure that there are no duplicates. The database will also be connected to the potential account.

Building the application:

At first I thought I great idea would be to create an external application for the creation of potentials. This would allow the users to not access the actual Zoho CRM for security reasons. However, after online casinos reading extensively creating an API (Application Program Interface) I noticed that Zoho only allows a certain amount of external ‘fetches’ per day. The problem with this is that every lookup on the potentials information (adding the contact to the potential, adding the serial number of each item, submitting the request, etc.) would be a request. So, per actual submit of a potential 5 ‘fetches will probably occur’.

So instead I decided to go with Zoho Creator and add applications within Zoho CRM. Using Zoho’s deluge script I created multiple databases and multiple forms, allowing me to merge them all together and furthermore creating accounts, contacts, and potentials with fields that demand uniqueness, and links to other fields.

The advantages of this solution is having the ability to have unlimited ‘fetches’ with the applications, everything will be in a cloud (accessed anywhere with internet) so users can be anywhere in the world and all not in the same office, the administrator can choose who to give the rights to using the application. It also allows the flexibility of combining databases with forms and calculations easily and can be easily modified, without affecting the visual interface (GUI).

Disadvantage is that it still limiting compared to building an application from scratch using PHP, or Java or any other application language. However, far less expensive, due to the fact that the client will not be required to purchase multiple servers, backups and as much training and the hiring of an IT specialist to manage the database and servers. Zoho CRM with Zoho creator allows a business owner to manage all this with ease and not have a major headache doing it.

What else could be done?

Other things that could be done to better the experience are:

  • Study the B.I. (business intelligence) and see what actions can be automated in the office, what could be benefited to be added in the CRM, reminder emails, calendars.
  • Create an application that brings monthly reports to the business owner with the account, contact activities, and see where the bottlenecks are within the operations.
  • If the application to create potentials starts to get used in multiple locations why not create it as an Ipad application, all actions are point and click, minimal typing is required and will cost less than a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Actually create the potential application as an external application (API) allowing the CRM to not be unnecessarily accessed.
  • Following the first point, creating more CRM applications to help interested buyers receive a great and swift experience.


The only maintenance that will be needed, keeping the contact and accounts up to date, meaning if contacts are removed, then to ensure that the primary key is also deleted. Inputting the new contacts and accounts as quickly as possible to ensure no confusion with the users.


Jean-François Noel
Programmer, Hypercube Inc.

Copyright Hypercube Inc. All rights reserved.