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ZOHO Creator Quick-Trick Clear DropDown

Dropdowns in Zoho creator can make a user's life much nicer. Allowing a user to just scroll down to the appropriate variable, and ensuring that the variable is not miss-typed.


In some cases though a dropdown cannot have a fixed set of variables that are never changing, instead it needs to change upon certain actions and refresh it's variables. So far I have not found a way for the dropdowns to be automatically refreshed but instead found a trick that produces the same effect.



I have two dropdowns, the first would autofill all the account names from the CRM.The second would autofill the contact names that are related to the account chosen from the dropdown above.This means if I chose the account 'ABC' I did not want to see the contacts attributed to account 'EFG' and vice-versa. If I chose account 'EFG' then the drop down for contacts would have just the 'EFG' contacts, online casinos but at the moment I would change to account 'ABC' I would not only see the contacts from 'ABC' but also from 'EFG' due to the fact that the drop down did not refresh. 


The solution is actually very simple and only requires one line of code:

  • clear Name_Of_DropDown; //That is all that is required in order to clear the Dropdown

So, I just added this line of code in the "on_user_input" of the Account Dropdown just before the calling of the for loop that fills the Contact Dropdown