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Participating in a show, exhibition or trade show? How to '' Warm up'' your prospects before the event?

Hypercube inc. recently completed a telemarketing campaign for a client wishing to maximize the return on investment of its presence at the Salon Industriel de Québec from October 2nd to 4th 2012.

The mandate was to contact 200 clients based in Quebec who purchased a product from the company in recent years.

Hypercube used Zoho CRM for the campaign. Customers were loaded into the CRM and a telephone script was developed.

The objectives of the campaign were multiple. First, it was necessary to identify the right contact in the firms contacted, sometimes the Bei den Online slots kannst du dich auf eine gro?e Auswahl freuen, die eigentlich keine Wunsche ubrig lasst. buyer and user had to be identified. This helped update the database and enrich it with good contact information such as telephone and emails.

Secondly, the campaign validated the users level of satisfaction with the machinery and helped generate sales opportunities for the company sales representative. Indeed, some customers had technical issues and new needs. These Les chambres de coeur de bingo, machines a sous et des victoires instantanees sont faciles a localiser dans le hall et promotions circulent regulierement, offrir des incitations supplementaires a l'experience de bingo et de jeux au royaume HeartBingo. requests were transmitted in real time to the sales representative for processing.

Third, the sales literature on a new product was emailed to all customers contacted. This raised awareness of the new product to customers and initiated a new mode of communication for future email campaigns.

Finally, Hypercube registered customers at the Salon Industriel de Québec for free. This helped  know in advance which customers would be present at the show and validate the effectiveness of the phone campaign while at the show.