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At Hypercube, we promote the latest technologies known as 'Open Source' for van absolute support of the entire technology. Technology


Zoho CRM & Mail Chimp Integration

Hypercube can help you synchronize Zoho CRM and Mailchimp !

Leads and contacts with MailChimp lists and will also manage subscription / un-subscription with Zoho CRM automatically.

• Are you using Zoho CRM as your CRM software and MailChimp for your email marketing campaigns?

• Are you spending too much time in manually synchronizing your lists in Zoho CRM and MailChimp?

• Are you the one who is desperately waiting for full Zoho CRM and MailChimp Integration?


• Sync Zoho CRM Leads to MailChimp List

• Sync Zoho CRM Contacts to MailChimp List

• Automatic updating of Zoho CRM when someone unsubscribe from MailChimp list automatically

• Configure this sync utility as a recurring cron job or run when needed


• Increase productivity of your marketing team by leaps and bounds

• Seamless integration of Zoho CRM online casinos and MailChimp

• Assign Leads and Contacts to MailChimp list from Zoho CRM

• Subscribe/Unsubscribe leads and contacts to MailChimp lists from Zoho CRM

• Offered as a hosted service

• Leads and contacts in Zoho CRMs are updated automatically when any lead or contact unsubscribe in MailChimp

Inputs Required

Mailchimp – Account credentials 

Zoho CRM – Account Credentials 

Contact Hypercube now to increase productivity of your marketing team by leaps and bounds. 

Hypercube is an authorized Zoho Reseller.


What is Zoho Creator?

What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is an online platform that allows you to build custom applications for any business need. Zoho Creator offers an easy-to-use interface that lets you put together - just the application you need. To make it work the way you want, you just need to drag and drop the required elements, specify what tasks the modules should perform, and when. The intuitive drag-&-drop interface is a boon to all those without any prior experience in app-building. In addition to all this, workflow and business rules too can be specified in the same drag-&-drop way. This customized workflow adds great deal of automation to your custom application, making it ideal for all your business needs.

Who is it for?

Everyone. Seriously. Who wouldn’t want a way to automate their tasks with custom applications? Regardless of the role you play in Le temps n'est pas un probleme ou peut-etre votre monde Web de destination vous permet de vraiment jouer Internet jeux de casino en ligne partout a tout moment. your organization, from the front-office to CEO, you can simplify your work with custom applications that automate monotonous processes. Zoho Creator has something for everyone.


  • Accessible - whenever and wherever you need it
  • Affordable - for small businesses and even bootstrappers
  • Collaborative - as it is all online
  • Customizable - to suit your need
  • Easy - as you need no technical expertise
  • Efficient - in automating tasks
  • Empowering - you to build applications yourself
  • Integrated - with Google Apps, Paypal, Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice,and Zoho Reports
  • Scalable - grows with your business
  • Secure - against breaches

Contact Hypercube for your Zoho Creator needs.

ZOHO Creator Quick-Trick Clear DropDown

Dropdowns in Zoho creator can make a user's life much nicer. Allowing a user to just scroll down to the appropriate variable, and ensuring that the variable is not miss-typed.


In some cases though a dropdown cannot have a fixed set of variables that are never changing, instead it needs to change upon certain actions and refresh it's variables. So far I have not found a way for the dropdowns to be automatically refreshed but instead found a trick that produces the same effect.