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At Hypercube, we promote the latest technologies known as 'Open Source' for van absolute support of the entire technology. Technology


What are the job priorities for technical buyers and engineers ?

What are the job priorities for technical buyers and engineers ?



  1. Developing new product designs.
  2. Finding new markets/applications for their products.
  3. Reducing costs of product components/materials.


  1. Improving current product/service quality and features.
  2. Improving time to market for new products and meeting project deadlines.


  1. Improving product performance.
  2. Finding for new suppliers.

Half of all Engineers/Technical buyers who rely on CAD files/Technical drawings need them to be downloadable.

53% of Engineers/Technical Buyers rely on Supplier Websites to determine if a company can help them accomplish their goals.

Information Engineers/Technical Buyers look for Assurez-vous que les sites de casino en ligne sur Internet possedent un tie-piste d'un cabinet d'expertise comptable digne de confiance pour etre en mesure de controler leur jeux de casino en ligne pourcentage de paiement mensuel. on Company Websites

  • 44% Product/Industry News
  • 37% Searchable Product Information
  • 35% Technical Papers

How can you communicate to engineers/technical buyers that you have the capabilities to help them meet or exceed their job goals?

Build a robust website, complete with downloadable CAD drawings and detailed technical information. Hypercube has helped companies just like yours to create an online marketing strategy and website, including downloadable CAD functionality, that meet the needs of industrial buyers. We can help you too.

Source: Job priorities for technical buyers and engineers • IPB October 2011