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The Pay-per-Lead Disaster-in-Waiting By Jeffrey L. Josephson

The Pay-per-Lead Disaster-in-Waiting By Jeffrey L. Josephson

If you need qualified sales leads, a performance-­‐based service (e.g. pay-­‐per-­‐lead, pay-­‐per-­‐appointment, commission-based, etc.,) probably sounds like an attractive way to go. There are literally thousands of independent telemarketers and call centers that offer the option. And depending on the vendor, you can theoretically avoid most, if not all, of your up-­‐front costs. So it seems to eliminate virtually all Remboursement de la taxe jackpot americaine ceux qui gagnent pourrait etre facture la taxe sur les jeux de gouvernement, mais ces taxes de casino pourrait etre reduite ou supprimee en utilisant un remboursement d'impot de casino. of your financial and market risk. Then why doesn't it work?

Pay Per Lead Disaster