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Here's a nice way to embed a PDF into Joomla.

Here's a nice way to embed a PDF into Joomla, credit goes to Gunpowder.

1. Open a free account with Scribd
2. Upload your PDF
3. You can then get an embed code for that PDF (just click on the uploaded PDF you will see all the share options, one says emded), copy that.
4. Go back to Joomla, backend article manager, open an article, open the html Tous les nouveaux joueurs seraient aller et de rester avec les jeux de qui se refere essentiellement sur la chance, car il ne necessite pas une comprehension du jeu pour etre en mesure de creer un gain efficaces. editor (I use the excellent JCR editor) then paste the embed code here.
5. Hit save and your PDF magically gets embedded right in the article.

BTW Don't edit the code from the front end, you have to be back end and at least a manager level. Otherwise it strips out the scripts from the article. You then can just back to Scribd and update that PDF.